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Restaurants on Hatteras Island

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So many choices!

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Cocktail Drinks
Cheese, Berries and Crackers

There are so many wonderful restaurants to choose from while vacationing on Hatteras Island.  This area is known for the outstanding fresh seafood and many restaurants here offer up their own special recipes for the catch of the day!  There are also many options for those who prefer an Italian meal or more typical American comfort food.

Whether you are looking for a family friendly atmosphere or something a little more romantic Hatteras Island offers lots of choices!

There are a variety of Coffee Shops and Cafes where you can relax with your morning cup of coffee and there are several restaurants offering a great selection of breakfast options.

There are plenty of restaurants offering wonderful options for tasty lunches and melt in your mouth dinners to choose from.

To make things a bit easier to navigate we have done our restaurant section in the following way:

The Coffee & Breakfast section includes wonderful Coffee Shops, Cafes and the SEAcret Treasure top picks for a delicious breakfast options.

There is a Lunch & Dinner section which includes the SEAcret Treasure top picks for great lunches and wonderful dinners.  This section also includes a list of additional restaurants on Hatteras Island.

There is a Pizza & Ice Cream section which lists the local pizzerias and ice cream shops in in the area.



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